The Grieving

by A Province Of Thay

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We want to tell you a story about the desperation of human nature. The Grieving is the first of many chronicles of two fictional characters as they tightly cling onto a perception of happiness, while their reality spirals out of control.


released October 16, 2013

Recorded at The Red Room/ The Boiler Room by Derek Moree
Mastered by Ed Brooks

Guitar-Tyler Shannon
Bass- Gianni Sbisa
Guitar/Vocals- Ronald Navarro
Keys- Dylan Abbott
Drums- Heather Davis



all rights reserved


A Province Of Thay Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: All We Know Is Loss
We hide behind lovers
We make believe
I can't carry on
I can't breathe

You lay between the sheets that she made
This is not your home
This is not your home

You take me from my dreams
I pretend to sleep
I feel you watching me
I feel you judging me
A broken man, at his end
And still you dream of her

As she crawls of the bed
She sheds her clothes like a snake
As the snake sheds her sin
She crawls inside again
I feel her nails up my thighs
I glance down at her smile
And i wonder how
It ever got this far
How it ever got this far

I'm weaving from the shadows
Track Name: A Legacy In The Trees
On cobblestones outside
Waving at apparitions
There's no one there

I'll walk the path at the pace you set
And wipe the tears that fall
And hum the songs that carry you on
Those same melancholy tunes that we all bleed

But my feet won't stay under me
And all the air keeps fleeing
And my courage gone

It only takes one step
It only takes one breathe

Door opens in protest
Weather worn and swollen to the frame
As light pierces darkness the vermin retreat to the walls

Look to the leaves as the wind blows them in
See them dance across the floor
The percussion of branches the song birds who sing
The leaves they're still dancing

Will i forget his face?
As i walk across the fugue
Will his voice be familiar?

You disesteem his memory
You disesteem your love
You disesteem your love

Do i read through the journals you left behind?
Did you know how much i cared?
Will i read that you resented me?
The brother who wasn't there
The brother who wasn't there

Of all the portraits and tomes
Strewn about the room
Of all the portraits and tomes
Strewn about the room
A single boon
We were teenage boys with smiles the world won't touch

Your likeness graces no bust
In temple halls and homes
Or cemetery stones

There are no ballads wrote, or sonnets sung
Your song is in the leaves, ill carve you in the trees
Track Name: The Vessel And The Heart
I tried to make this home
And hang up the memories
(tried to) hang onto life
But i am not alive

I am flesh to stone
A stoic heart
An empty vessel
A fading spark

Before you
I was always holding back
I was always dreading the coming days
I was always hating now
I was always looking down
There's so many walls to keep you away
From everything i feel for you
To give the love i never knew away

To never be alive
Only to exist
Until a razor meets your wrist
Until you're hanging from
The rafters right above
Right above the room
Where i first kissed your lips

Oh tonight
She'll cover up the sky this night
With a cloak of stars
Won't you love me back to life
Or the grave?
Track Name: A Sovereign Will
A will so sovereign
A mind fixed
Fixated on the end of this

The endless toil
Day in and day out
A lover in my bed
She says "a love like ours would burn the world"
She says "i love you" then i turn
And i hear voices in the wind
And runaway again

Their will so sovereign
Their minds fixed
Fixated on the end of this

Cause i can't sleep
In this house that we once shared
In a life i cannot bear
There was color in these halls once
But the grey has settled in
Cause your shadow casts standard that ill never fucking be
This life wasn't meant for me
I'm the animated echo of a fading memory

My will is sovereign
My mind fixed
Fixated on the end of this

Three feet of rope
To choke the life from me
The lantern falls onto the floor
And now this house will surely burn
And i will get the death that i have earned

Among the Gray Waste now
On the Astral Sea

Grey horizons soar
As far as i can see

No gods to come claim me
No whispers on my heart

To the wall i go

I forgot his face
Forgot his voice
I forgot my love
I forgot my choice
Track Name: The Herald
She makes her way through revered crowds
Like blades through silk
Like flames through fields

Her beauty was a feast to famined mouths
Colors carved upon her skin like flowers
Set upon a corpse

Her eyes moved through me
Like an affliction through a child

My eyes chased the shape of her form

Committing every curve to memory

Then i realize red
Then i realize red

Casting stares
Casting stares

Ground silver into dust
Protect me from your lust tonight

Sweet oils
Snakes tongue
Charm me to your bed tonight

Casting stares

You wear the shackles of captive matrimony
Upon your brow

I want to set you free
And turn your love loose
To ravage me